Wheel thrown in porcelain or stoneware and fired to at least 1240C, these tea pots, cups and saucers are dishwasher safe, except those with cane handles which can be hand washed. Items may be purchased separately on request. Please note dimensions carefully as photographs are not to scale .

Stoneware mug
 with dark blue glaze 9.5x8.5cm £12
Porcelain teapot 

with oil spot glaze, 23x19cm including handle, holds 1200ml


Stoneware mug 

with iron yellow glaze, 9x9cm,

£12 each 

Stoneware mug 

with sea green glaze, 9x9cm,

£12 each

Cappuccino cups
Pair of stoneware cups with oil spot glaze 11.5x5.5cm, £14 each, 


Stoneware jug

 with sea green glaze 15x12cm £50


Stoneware jug

 with sea green glaze 18x11cm £45


Porcelain mug

 with copper red glaze 10x9cm £20


Stoneware mug

 with dark blue glaze 10x9cm £20


Stoneware mug

 with pale blue glaze 10x9cm £20


Porcelain mugs

 with copper purple glaze 9x9cm £18 each


Stoneware jug

 with iron yellow glaze 17x12cm £50


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