`Stoneware and porcelain vases and jars are high fired and can be washed in the dishwasher

 Please note dimensions as the photographs are not to scale

Large stoneware vase
 with green oil spot glaze 36x24cm  £250


Large stoneware vase
with blue alberta slip glaze 31x27cm £190
Stoneware vase
 with matte green glaze 22x11cm £50
Stoneware vase 
with oil spot glaze and cane handle 17x10cm £50


Mini porcelain vase
 with copper red glaze 11x6cm £15
Porcelain vase
 with matte turquoise and white glaze 16x12cm £60
Porcelain moon jar vase
with green and red copper glaze 13.5x13.5cm £60


Stoneware vase
 with green glaze glaze 14x14cm £50 
Stoneware vase
with yellow oil spot glaze 32x25cm £170


Large stoneware jar
with green oil spot glaze 16x13cm £90 


Stoneware moon jar
with iron yellow glaze 16x16cm £60 


Stoneware moon jars
with copper glaze 16x15cm £60 each


Porcelain moon jar
with matte turquoise glaze 14x14cm £50 


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