Wheel-thrown in porcelain or stoneware and fired to at least 1240C in either an electric kiln or a gas kiln depending on the glaze. Dishwasher safe, except for those with cane handles, which can be washed by handPlease take note of the dimensions as the photographs are not to scale.

Serving bowl

 porcelain with brown and yellow oil spot glaze 29x9.5cm, £95


Porcelain bowl
with matte turquoise glaze 22.5x8cm £40


Stoneware bowl
 with sea green glaze, 29.5.x8cm  SOLD


Large serving bowl
stoneware with sea green glaze, 28.5x11cm £90


Porcelain platter
 with white and copper glaze, 28x3cm


Stoneware bowl
 with blue alberta slip glaze, 19x8cm, SOLD


Two stoneware bowls
 with yellow iron glaze 15x7.5cm, £28 each 


Porcelain bowl
with cane handle and matte white glaze, 8x12cm (excluding handle), £25



Serving bowl
with waterfall glaze, 26x10cm £60



Serving bowl
 porcelain with matte turquoise glaze 22x6cm, £35


Set of cereal bowls
 stoneware with green glaze, 17x7.5cm £30 each or £100 for the set of four SOLD


Serving bowl
with crocus martis iron  glaze, 27.5x11cm 


Shallow serving bowl
with green glaze, 28x7cm 


Porcelain bowl
with matte turquoise glaze, 22x7cm £40


Large stoneware shallow bowl
with crocus martis glaze, 31x7cm SOLD


Shallow porcelain bowl
with copper red glaze, 26x6cm £45


Small stoneware bowl
with oxblood glaze, 12x6.5cm £30


Porcelain soup bowl
with copper red glaze, 18.5x8.5cm £40


Porcelain platter
 with matte turquoise and white glaze, 32x6cm £110 SOLD


Porcelain serving bowl
 with yellow oil spot glaze, 34x7cm  SOLD


Small porcelain bowls
 with orange oil spot glaze, 13.5x6cm SOLD


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